Days in Dublin

The past couple of days in Dublin have  surpassed my expectations. Everyday there is something new to see and take in. The food, the pubs, and the entertainment never disappoints. I’m amazed at the nightlife. I’ve enjoyed shopping on Grafton because many stores like Zara have cheaper prices for clothes unlike the one in Chicago on Michigan Avenue. Grafton also has many street performers that entertain shoppers and tourists.

I sat down at a bench near the stores and watched a young group of performers sing and play the guitar. Robbie Tomkins, a 17-year-old boy was one of the members. He was a guitarist and a vocalist. I was surprised at his cover of Drake’s billboard topping “Hotline Bling”. Listening to him sing a song from the United States made  me realize the impact that music has on other countries. He told me his influences come from the rock genre.

He noted David Bowie as an influence as well which was timely because that same day he unfortunately passed away. Music is a major theme in Dublin. Most pubs have live singers or bands that perform nightly.

The music is one facet of Irish culture, the dancing is equally as amazing. On Monday we went to the Arlington Hotel where we ate good food listened to music, and watched traditional Irish dancing. The dancing was hypnotizing. The rhythm of the dancers and the fast movement of their feet leaves you in awe.

In our lecture on Monday Colleen Dube explained that the Irish have patterns and doing things in 4 and 8 is a common theme. I couldn’t help but notice the pattern within the dancing style. Their were two men and two women and they moved and danced in a synchronized way.

Last night was even  better than the days before. We took a tram to Dalkey where we ate at Ragazzi which is a popular restaurant that Bono also eats. The food was delicious and the spaghetti was authentic unlike the watered down version back at home.

After we left dinner I went with Avante to explore the Temple Bar area where we enjoyed live music and a bike taxi that suggested we go to the George. The George is a local gay club that plays great music and entertains patrons with a weekly drag show.

The drag queens that performed last night were Dolly and Bambi who both had lively performances. I will be going back because once was just not enough. Dublin is starting to feel more like home. The people and culture are beautiful. My experience thus far can be summed up into one word. Priceless.

The George, gay nightclub in Dublin
image (4)
Irish Dancing at the Arlington Hotel
image (3)
Dinner at Ragazzi


image (1)
Bambi Trashelle performs at the George



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